Inventory: E367

Value $65,000.00
Inventory # E367
Primary Trading Market OTC Bulletin Board (Pink)
Alternatte/Dual Lisitng Market NA
Recent Share Price NA
Exchange Act of 1934 Filer NA
Date of Incorproation 15-Nov-2004
State of Incorporation Nevada
DTC Eligible NA
Authorized Shares - Common 600,000,000
Par Value - Common 0.00100
Issued Shares - Common 88,279,188
Outstanding Shares - Common 88,279,188
Public Float 40,139,688
Free Trading NA
Rule 144 Eligible NA
No. of Common Stockholders NA
No. of Classes of Common NA
No. of Shares of Common Deliver NA
Authorized Shares - Preferred 0
Par Value - Preferred 0
Issued Shares - Preferred 0
Outstanding Shares - Preferred 0
No. of Preferred Stockholders 0
No. of Classes of Preferred 0
No. of Shares of Preferred Delvier 0
Outstanding Options/Warrants NA
Options/Warrants as Exercised NA
Convertible Debt NA
No. of Convertible Debt Holders NA
Conversion Factor NA
No. of Conversion Shares NA
No. of Conversion Shares Delivera NA
Trade Debt NA
Taxes & Regulatory Fees Owed NA
Other Fees 4,425