Company Overview

Company Overview

MMG was founded in 2005 and takes a "think outside the box" approach to business that is unique in its perspective and implementation of services required by companies with visionary, goal-oriented management teams. We work with both private and publicly-traded growth companies in the U.S. as well as emerging markets.

We are driven by the excitement generated by new ideas, products and services and in being at the forefront of their introduction into the marketplace. Our extensive network of opportunistic investors share this excitement and are exceptionally receptive to companies we bring their way. We have cultivated these relationships over many years and believe our network is second to none.

Our efforts on behalf of our clients are often focused on one key goal: to lower the cost of capital by formulating and implementing comprehensive marketing initiatives that can help improve sales, increase profitability, and expand market awareness, thereby enhancing shareholder value. Our value-building initiatives are also of great benefit to private companies.

MMG has developed a deep relationships with companies across a broad range of industries. We help U.S. companies and other non US companies identify global investment opportunities in these regions and conduct our own extensive due diligence. Offering companies the opportunity to expand and grow their business through various venues is what MMG does best.


At MMG, we have never deviated from our commitment to promising companies-the growth engines of the economy-and we have dedicated our human capital to helping these companies realize their vision.

At the core of every successful company is a good idea and the capital needed for that idea to flourish. Through our extensive network of capital sources, including hedge funds, venture capitalists, private equity firms and investment bankers, in addition to our own captive funding sources, we work with our clients to develop relationships that will further their strategic plans and end goal. We guide our clients through the growth process from all conceivable aspects, including funding sources, branding, product marketing and for those companies seeking a public offering, we help them navigate the listing process, corporate governance and investor awareness, all with the mandate to build a credible and transparent entity to attract investors.