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SEC Establishes Analysis Matrix for Digital Assets

On April 3, 2019, the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance published a “Framework for Investment Contract Analysis of Digital Assets,” issued a No-Action Letter to Turnkey Jet, Inc. and made a statement on both. Although all guidance is appreciated, there is really nothing new or different about the analysis, which is firmly based on SEC v. W.J.… Continue reading “SEC Establishes Analysis Matrix for Digital Assets”

NASDAQ And NYSE American Shareholder Approval Requirements– Change Of Control

Nasdaq and the NYSE American both have rules requiring listed companies to receive shareholder approval prior to issuing securities in an amount of 20% or more of their outstanding common stock or voting power or prior to completing transactions which will result in a change of control of the company.  Nasdaq Rule 5635 sets forth the circumstances under which shareholder… Continue reading “NASDAQ And NYSE American Shareholder Approval Requirements– Change Of Control”

SEC Adopts Rules to Amend Regulation S-K

On March 20, 2019 the SEC adopted amendments to Regulation S-K as required by the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act (“FAST Act”).  The proposed amendments were first published on October 11, 2017 . A majority of the amendments were adopted as proposed. As part of the SEC’s ongoing Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative, the amendments are designed to modernize and simplify… Continue reading “SEC Adopts Rules to Amend Regulation S-K”

SEC Rules For Disclosure Of Hedging Policies

In December 2018, the SEC approved final rules to require companies to disclose practices or policies regarding the ability of employees or directors to engage in certain hedging transactions, in proxy and information statements for the election of directors. The new rules implement Section 14(j) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (“Exchange Act”) as mandated by the Dodd-Frank Act and… Continue reading “SEC Rules For Disclosure Of Hedging Policies”

NYSE American Compliance Guidance MEMO

In January, NYSE Regulation sent out its yearly Compliance Guidance Memo to NYSE American listed companies. The annual letter updates companies on any rule changes from the year and reminds companies of items the NYSE deems important enough to warrant such a reminder. The only new item in this year’s letter relates to advance notice of stock dividends and distributions. Effective… Continue reading “NYSE American Compliance Guidance MEMO”

S-3 Eligibility

The ability to use an S-3 registration statement is significant for exchange traded companies.  An S-3 allows forward incorporation by reference and can be used for a shelf registration among other benefits.  S-3 eligibility is comprised of both registrant or company requirements and transaction requirements.  In this blog I will discuss the general company and transaction requirements… Continue reading “S-3 Eligibility”

SEC Cautionary Statement on Audits of Public Companies Operating in China

Eight years following the crash of the Chinese reverse merger boom and a slew of SEC enforcement proceedings, the SEC is once again concerned with the financial reporting by U.S. listed companies with operations based in China. In December 2018, the SEC issued a cautionary public statement from SEC Chair Jay Clayton, SEC Chief Accountant Wes… Continue reading “SEC Cautionary Statement on Audits of Public Companies Operating in China”