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Buy low and sell high!! Why pay retail when you can buy wholesale at 50% to 500% or 1,500% off retail quoted and trading price!!! We assist pre IPO and RTO (initial public offerings and reverse take overs) quoted companies in USA to raise capital off shore primarily in the Gulf Economic Region via (PIPE) private investment in public companies via Regulation S.

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Regulation S: An SEC regulation allowing publicly-traded companies not to register stocks sold outside the United States to foreign investors.Created in 1990, this regulation was intended to encourage foreign investors to purchase American stocks in order to increase the liquidity of American markets.

To all the investors who wonder what is the JOBS Act is and why is it law, here’s a summary. It’s a way to let more people of modest means become micro-investors in startup companies. It’s a step in the right direction, probably, but investors still need to be accredited. Yes a new section was recently passed as well but soliciting in USA is dangerous and very risky. Ask 4 different security lawyers and you will get 4 different opinions. Now, some crowdfunding experts say that the way the Securities and Exchange Commission has implemented the new law actually makes investing harder, not easier. We agree!

For USA issuers looking to attaract new offshore investors and bolster shareholder base Mina Mar Group offers PIPE financing. Working with investor’s in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates we work on various PIPE type financing solutions for USA issuers. So what is a PIPE? PIPE stands fir Private Investment in a Public Company.

PIPE happens when private investors take a sizable investment in publicly traded corporations. This usually occurs when equity valuations have fallen and the company is looking for new sources of capital. This is a how a public company gets additional access to the equity markets in express mode-- they already have public shares trading and this is an additional offering to investors under a securities purchase agreement. The Company promises to register the shares typically via a resale registration statement within so many days after the closing. The investments usually take form of common stock at a discount.

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Strategic Consulting with targeted performance improvement’s! Reining-in the short sellers with positive and effective corporate governance.

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Effective Investor Communications with Institutional Accredited and Sophisticated Investors! IR Services with widely held retail shareholder base and newly attracted shareholders and stakeholders

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Maximum Exposure Via
Social Media, Internet, TV, Radio and Print

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Financial Engineering For OTC and OTCQB & OTCQX Issuers Mergers Buy a Shell Go Public Free

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Rent a Call Centre

We offer from 3 to 30 for both inbound and outbound calls . Communicate with your customers make sales provide better customer experience and or make your shareholders proud to be part of your enterprise. Our off shore call centres use state of the art VOIP communications and all representatives speak major languages such as English French Spanish German and Russian.

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Buy a Public Company

Do you have a great business idea? Are you a start up or an on going enterprise? Are you looking to access capital markets? We represent some of the finest and cleanest reporting and non reporting companies quoted and traded in USA. Some of these companies already come with existing pre arranged lines of credit of at least $1 Million dollars. You can buy a public company a la crate or bundle it up with some or all of the services offered by us. Enter here to find out more

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Market Research Your Industry

Research your industry and find out what your customers needs and wants are. Communicate better sell more and have satisfied client base

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Investor Protection

Mina Mar goal is to marshal the companies and investors to aid our common goal. Mina Mar receives respect, gratitude and cooperation from its clients, and its clients shareholders.


Who Are We

Since 2005 Mina Mar Group (MMG) has been assisting publicly traded companies deal with aggressive short sellers and unfriendly entities to the company’s global expansion and sound business plans. Our focus is on China based companies trading in USA.

Additionally, we provide a full range of Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and Investor Relations (IR) services for companies quoted on OTC Markets, NASDAQ and NYSE. Our services range from full service Investor Communication, Investor Relations, Awareness, Strategic Consulting, Performance Improvement’s and more.

We have created a strategic alliance with some of USA based leading and reputable accounting, and legal firms including experienced market makers, broker dealers and other service providers. Failing to rein in the short sellers can wreak havoc to your company’s success and has brought many good companies to their knees. MMG corporate alliance and extension allows your company to achieve and maintain the highest possible corporate governance, and meet the demands of today's sophisticated, accredited and or institutional investors. Inquire today and see what we can do for your company.

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